What's Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

The Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Chiropractic procedure was developed by Dr. Roy W . Sweat of Atlanta, Georgia in 1980. The atlas, the top vertebra of the spine in the human body, is very important in AO chiropractic. The atlas is only a circular two to three centimeter diameter tiny bone, weighing 50grams. However, it bears the weight of the heavy 4 - 6 kg head.It has the largest range of motion of all spinal vertebrae.

This technique is designed to correct body im balance and restricted nerve impulse from the brain in order to achieve optimal health by correcting the misaligned atlas position so that it is located at the top of the body's center of gravity. Misaligned spinal vertebrae, so called ゛SUBLUXATIONS" can cause nerve interference, which results in negative signs and symptoms appearing. AO is a procedure of adjustment for atlas subluxation by using a very light tapping pressure, which causes neither any pain nor discomfort.

Atlas Subluxation (Imbalanced)
Not only are nerve impulses and blood flow restricted, but also the lower spine becomes misaligned, organism functions are diminished, muscle stiffness occurs, and the immune system's effectiveness is decreased because the whole body tries to hold the non-centered heavy head in balance. Muscles tighten, and the length of the legs becomes uneven.
Atlas subluxation can interfere with nerve impulse transmission from the brain.
It also decreases the blood supply to the brain from the heart through the vertebral artery. These factors can cause minor headaches, more severe migraine headaches, auditory and sinus problems, allergies, asthma, as well as neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, tingling, numbness, etc .

Atlas Orthogonal (Balanced)
All nerve impulses and blood flow are maximized, and the body's overall's physical condition improves when the head is steadily balanced on top of the body's center of gravity. All muscles are relaxed, and the length of the legs is kept even.

Atlas Orthogonal movie
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